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Science fiction books to read to unwind and relax

Sun Sep 26 2021

Sometimes we all need a break from computers, no matter how passionate we are about it. This is true for other hobbies as well, as well as our work. All of us (probably) need to relax, dream and feel refreshed and inspired to continue our other efforts. For me, one of my favorite ways to unwind is to read books (which you can probably tell from many of my earlier articles) or listen to audio books. In this article I will recommend three science fiction books you can read (or listen to) to relax, and maybe to feel inspired.

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The essential Ayn Rand reading list

Wed Sep 22 2021

You may have heard many negative things about Ayn Rand, or many positives, depending on where you have heard about her. She is a well known author and philosopher, whose points are often understood (both by people traditionally on the left, as well as so-called "conservatives"). There are many misconceptions as well out there, and doing your own research will help with that. Whether you will end up thinking Ayn Rand is the best philosopher or not, is not my goal here. What I want is for you to know about her works that you should read, what they are about, as well as having resources to understand her philosophy better. If not, I hope you may read some of her fiction books and enjoy the spectacle!

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Sir Clive Sinclair (1940-2021)

Sat Sep 18 2021

A giant in the field of affordable computing has passed away. Thursday the 16th of September, it became known that Clive Sinclair of ZX Spectrum fame had died after a longer period of illness. His inventions stretches far and wide, with watches, home computers, electric vehicles and other contributions to consumer electronics.

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Recommended Emacs packages

Mon Sep 13 2021

This year I've been improving my Emacs configuration, which got me thinking of which packages are actually worth keeping. There are several that are language-agnostic, so you can use them no matter what you edit in Emacs. These are the ones I will focus on here. To make it simple and not too long, I will focus on four packages you should add to your config :) (there are off course many more interesting ones!).

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More cool command line tools!

Wed Aug 04 2021

A while ago, I made an article on cool command line tools. Maybe you got inspired to try some new ones? Are you as in love with the command line as I am? Time for another round of "cool command line tools"! Feel free to share your favorites in the comments! :)

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