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Summer book recommendations 2021

Wed Jul 28 2021

Summer is a great time to read some books and releax! A lot of us have vacation time or similar where we can enjoy our time in the sun, or inside on a rainy day. So without further ado, today I will give you ideas for some fun books to read this summer!

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Which programming language should you learn in 2021?

Tue Mar 23 2021

New year, new programming languages to learn! It is overwhelming though… With so many languages to choose from, it can be hard to select what to learn. Sometimes it is easy, we might want to accomplish certain tasks. Other times you may want to learn to think in new ways, as a fun challenge.

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Browser extension recommendation - Vimium

Tue Oct 20 2020

Don't know about you, but using the mouse all the time to browse the web has always really bothered me. The mouse has its uses, but I think it is overused on computers in this day and age. Web browsing turns very slow and annoying when using it for everything. Having my fingers leave the keyboard while doing research online annoys me. I feel like I can do things more effectively and faster with the keyboard than I can ever do with a mouse.

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Java - Rethrow/wrap or log exceptions!

Sun Oct 04 2020

This probably seems like common sense to a lot of you, but it is quite easy to forget. I try to do it in my own code, but when reviewing other peoples code I forget to think about it 90 % of the time! Sometimes you don't rethrow the exception because the cause seems clear cut in all scenarios. Some of the time, we simply throw a new exception with an error code or message, and think that if we get that exception later, we will know what caused it. That may not always be the case.

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Books that boost your programming career (Java developer edition)

Mon Sep 07 2020

In this article I will share some books that helped me most in the beginning of my professional career. Even though I have programmed in my spare time for many years before getting a job, I think that programming in an enterprise is way different! Learning to cooperate with more people, reviewing code, seeing patterns in code, bigger codebases. tools and technologies that you may not use on your own, and so on! The books I will share are mostly technology agnostic, as I think patterns help way more than learning specific libraries, frameworks and tools. Learning about design patterns, how to write clean code, and how to write maintainable code are far more useful than learning many different tools and libraries. Why? Because when you learn patterns, you will see these patterns in many new libraries and tools you learn, and therefore learn them faster! I will also say that learning to think differently can help a lot, because it makes it easier for you to learn new things in the future.

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