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Welcome to my blog!

Published Sat Aug 08 2020

Tags: info

And so it begins! This is the first post of my new blog. I thought this first post could be about my goals, as well as the topics I intend to write about. Just so you know what to expect, given that you read this before I have managed write more…


I had several goals when creating this blog, but the most important one was to have a place where I could write about the things that I find interesting. As you might have guessed, this is mostly related to computers. I LOVE computers! Not just programming, but the wonders that computers can do, and the achievement of the great individuals who have made it possible.

I would summarize my goals as follows:

  • Being able to blog from Org mode in Emacs (super important!)
  • Having a place that could be in-part a diary about things I learn (and small projects), one part my private online journal for articles, and more. The gist of it is to do more writing, which I take a lot of pleasure in doing :) (beware that English is not my first language though…)
  • Having a simple design that will not get in the way of reading my articles. I'm intending to gradually improve it as I go, I know it is far from perfect! I dub this current design TerriblĂ©.
  • Maybe having a simple CI/CI pipeline to be able to play with Github Actions (secondary, but already in place :) ).

What will I write about?

I plan to mostly write about computer related topics, with a dash of math and book recommendations on top (though mostly relating to computers or math…). Some other topics may also come up from time to time.


What will the future show? Who knows. The only answer will be in the undiscovered country, the future!

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