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Emacs package highlight - Centaur Tabs - The best tab (UI) system for Emacs!

Thu Jan 04 2024

My relationship with tabs as a UI element is a bit ambivalent. I really enjoy tabs in web browsers, except maybe the missing option to group tabs in most browsers. In most editors and Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) I have tried through the years, they never feel enjoyable to me. That might be because I have very specific needs and opinions on how things should work. Last autumn, I found an Emacs package called centaur-tabs and have been using it ever since. So far, it is the only tab package I have enjoyed! Continue reading to see why.

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Emacs package highlight - vterm

Tue Jun 06 2023

vterm, or emacs-libvterm, is a way of running a terminal inside of Emacs. It may not sound interesting at first, but it has some nice features that set it apart from the alternatives. One of these includes supporting interactive programs. It also feels more a part of Emacs than an external program, unlike alternatives like term. Read on to see more on why I prefer vterm to the alternatives and how you can se it up yourself!

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Debugging GameCube applications/games (in Emacs)

Fri Jan 13 2023

In the last article, we discussed running Linux on your GameCube. This time we will look at debugging your regular applications/games (i.e, not running inside Linux, but directly on your GameCube). While GameCube is an older platform, it can still be interesting to explore. Some creative coders might also find the technical limitations inspiring. No matter why you find the platform interesting, you might need to debug your applications. Let's see how, and also how we can make it the most comfortable.

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Mixed content HTML files in Emacs web-mode with context-aware completion and documentation

Tue Oct 04 2022

Today I'm going to show you my approach to make editing mixed html-files better in Emacs. web-mode is really good for editing mixed html files containing html, css and javascript, but doesn't provide any completion or other helpers like eldoc. In this article I will quickly show you my approach to make it more pleasant to work with.

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Packages that make Emacs Lisp more pleasant

Mon Oct 03 2022

Emacs Lisp can sometimes seem a little archaic compared to more modern languages. In higher level language we are spoiled with a multitude of easy string handling, list handling, pattern matching and so on. What if I told you that some packages can give you the same ease of use for Emacs Lisp? That they provide more clear APIs, give features you are used to from other languages, and/or abstract away the more tedious details.

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Programming Kotlin in Emacs - Redux 2022

Sat Sep 24 2022

Last year I wrote a blog post about the basics of using Kotlin in Emacs. Since then, some new developments have happened, including some new features have been added to the Kotlin langauge server. I also got some questions regarding which Eamcs packages I like using when developing Kotlin code. Let's answer some of the questions not answered last time, and see what Kotlin Language Server and Kotlin Debug Adapter can do!

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Emacs Lisp debugging tips

Fri Aug 05 2022

Have you ever gotten weird errors in an Emacs Lisp package? Something like "wrong type argument" or similar shown in the minibuffer? At first glance, these seem kind of cryptic. Where do they come from? Can I get a stack trace? What arguments are functions called with? Today I will show you how to answer these questions!

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Debugging GameBoy Advance (GBA) programs/games in Emacs

Mon May 09 2022

There are not many articles on debugging GameBoy Advance C code around the web, and most of them seem to be about debugging in VSCode. While VSCode is good, it is far from the awesomness that is Emacs! Debugging GBA code with Emacs is far easier than you would think, and in this article I wills how you how.

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5 reasons I LOVE Emacs

Mon Dec 20 2021

Maybe you have seen Emacs articles around the internet, and wondered "why do people love this editor so much?". I can't answer for everyone, but in this post I will give you some of my reasons. Emacs is almost a way of life for me, and I have it open and use it every day. To make this article short and sweet, I will limit it to 5 reasons. Maybe you will end up starting your Emacs journey?

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Fun (and useless) things you can do in Emacs!

Tue Nov 30 2021

December is soon here, and with it some of us will have holidays. Why not use some time to try weird and fun things in Emacs? Today I will share with you exactly that! There are games, weird modes, screensavers and more! A few games are actually built into Emacs, if you didn't know. And if you want more games inside Emacs, there are some more out there! Continue reading to learn more, and see other useless things you can do with Emacs!

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Emacs package highlight - Try

Sat Nov 20 2021

Today I'm going to do something slightly different, focus on one Emacs package at a time! I want to highlight one of my most used packages; Try. At first glance, Try might seem like a weird package to feature. It let's you try an Emacs package. So what? Doesn't just using M-x package-install or use-package in a scratch buffer let me do the same? Not exactly. Those will also download the files to your .emacs/elpa (or similar directory). Then they are persistent between runs, and you have by definition installed them, not tried them. What Try does different is download to a temporary directory, which is deleted once you exit your current Emacs session. That means it won't slow down your Emacs startup, or take up your "valuable" disk space.

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Small tips for a better Emacs experience

Mon Nov 15 2021

There are many small tricks that can make your Emacs experience better, and in this article I will show you some of my favorites. To make it short and easy for beginners to experiment with, I will keep them simple. Don't let that fool you, these can really improve you experience (even if you have been using Emacs for a while!). Maybe you will find something that you really enjoy here?

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Scripting on the JVM?!? JBang and Kscript!

Wed Nov 10 2021

Did you know that you can use Java and Kotlin for scripting? In this post I will introduce you to my favorite ways of doing scripting on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is JBang and KScript. Some people may not enjoy Java projects as much because of all the verbosity (big project structures), so small scripts may make the languages more approachable and less intimidating. Being able to easily handle all external dependencies in the same file (no extra configuration files!) is also a big bonus. Lately I've heard from several people that they did not know about JBang, so I guess that might be true for KScript as well. Hope this post will provide you with some information on them, as well as good links to get started!

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Programming Kotlin in Emacs (including KScript!)

Wed Nov 03 2021

Some people, including myself, grudgingly used IntellIJ IDEA for Kotlin programming for a long time, maybe because we didn't think the Emacs tooling was up to speed. Well, it is, and we can finally use the best editor of all time (Emacs) to do Kotlin programming! Today I'm going to show you basic setup (and share some links), so you can also use Emacs for Kotlin programming! I made the switch this summer (reasons for waiting so long below), will you make the switch too?

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Emacs packages that make me happy (and hopefully make you happy as well!)

Fri Oct 08 2021

Today we are going to look at fun packages for Emacs that makes me happy! These packages may not be the most useful, but add the extra flare to make your editor feel more like home. This might not come as a shock, but I'm a big fan of individualized solutions instead of the classical "one size fits all" approach like many big IDEs have (e.g, IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse). Customizing, even if it's just smaller things, can make your experience more personal and make you more productive. I feel almost naked when I try to use some other editor than Emacs, as nothing even come close. Emacs can be configured the way I want it, in other words: a setup that works for ME, and not necessarily someone else. (My love for individualism may not come as a shock after my longer article on Ayn Rand).

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Essential software for Mac OS X

Mon Oct 04 2021

Mac OS X is probably one of my favorite operating systems these days, even though it has some major drawbacks (weird security for applications not from the App Store comes to mind). In this post I will share some of the software that I really can't live without. These picks will be general purpose, so nothing like Final Cut Pro, Logic Pro or similar special purpose software (though it might relate slightly to programming in some peoples view, even if that is not my view). Whether you are a new user of OS X, or a more advanced user, maybe you will get some tips to make your experience better?

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Recommended Emacs packages

Mon Sep 13 2021

This year I've been improving my Emacs configuration, which got me thinking of which packages are actually worth keeping. There are several that are language-agnostic, so you can use them no matter what you edit in Emacs. These are the ones I will focus on here. To make it simple and not too long, I will focus on four packages you should add to your config :) (there are off course many more interesting ones!).

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