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Command line tricks: Globbing basics

Sat Feb 24 2024

When working with files in the command line, you don't always want to write full file names. Maybe you are working on a group of files that has file names with a given patterns, like log files (e.g, log011023.txt)? Or maybe you want to filter out files that don't fit a given pattern? Or maybe your use case is just picking out shell scripts that starts with the letter P? In this article we will look at globbing, which can be thought of as wildcards we use in place of explicitly writing full filenames. Read on to see several examples on how they can be used to solve various command line tasks!

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My Amiga 1200 Checkmate 1500 Plus build - Why, how and lots of pictures!

Mon Feb 12 2024

A few weeks ago, I finally got around to building my Amiga 1200 build in a Checkmate 1500 Plus case. For several reasons, I have wanted this for a long time. The beautiful case, the nice keyboard garage, easier to fit on my desk and more. So this time I want to show you some pictures, share some thoughts, and maybe introduce you to a world of the Amiga hobby if you have not seen much of it before. Hopefully you will find it interesting as well.

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Reasons I hate (modern) Microsoft Windows - The most awful choice of operating system anyone can make

Sat Jan 27 2024

In case I haven't been clear in earlier articles: I'm not a fan of Microsoft Windows. While I have enjoyed Windows 95, and a bit of Windows XP, I don't enjoy any modern forms of Microsoft Windows (and the older versions are probably only enjoyed because of nostalgia). To me, the sane choice have always been some sort of Unix-style operating system like GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Some people just think it is because I'm a nerd that sits inside all day and have dubious hygiene habits, but there are valid reasons. So what are the reasons I hate modern Windows so much? Keep on reading to find out.

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The joy and wonders of browsing the web from the command line - A short introduction to Lynx

Sat Jan 20 2024

There is probably no secret that I enjoy using the command line. Modern Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) feel bloated to me, and I often have the feeling that there are too much bloat on the screen at once. Fortunately, I can do most of my tasks in Emacs or the command line. Yes, even web browsing! Though I have to admit that I end up using graphical browsers to be able to watch YouTube and do some daily things like internet banking. I have briefly mentioned Lynx and terminal web browsing in previous articles, but I have never really showed it in detail. Today is the day we are finally going to look at web browsing from the command line!

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The many ways of helping Open Source (and Free) Software projects

Wed Jan 10 2024

Did you know that there are more ways to contribute to open source projects than just coding? If you want to help, there are several ways to do so! I have done a few of these myself, and I think you might get great joy from it to.

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Emacs package highlight - Centaur Tabs - The best tab (UI) system for Emacs!

Thu Jan 04 2024

My relationship with tabs as a UI element is a bit ambivalent. I really enjoy tabs in web browsers, except maybe the missing option to group tabs in most browsers. In most editors and Integrated Developer Environments (IDEs) I have tried through the years, they never feel enjoyable to me. That might be because I have very specific needs and opinions on how things should work. Last autumn, I found an Emacs package called centaur-tabs and have been using it ever since. So far, it is the only tab package I have enjoyed! Continue reading to see why.

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The academically hostile professor - How NOT to teach and promote learning

Tue Jan 02 2024

This time I'm going to do something different than usual; we are going to look into a story from my past that I recently remembered. Teaching and promoting the joy of learning is something I care about immensely. If we could just show more joy, and point newcomers to good resources, I think we would have more great material out there (i.e, books, indie games blogs, and other works building upon said knowledge). The story I will share today is a story about how to NOT promote joy with relation to math and physics, but can be extended to all sorts of fields. I have made sure to NEVER do it myself. Hopefully after reading this article, you will stop behaving like this if you do…

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Want to get a job as a backend developer? - Learn these topics now!

Fri Aug 18 2023

Sometimes I get questions on how to learn the skills necessary to get a backend programmer job. That is exactly my aim for this article: to give you a set of terms, keywords and knowledge to get started on your journey. My hope is that you know what you need to learn after reading on.

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3 things I enjoy and 3 things I dislike about Mac OS X - As someone who primarily used GNU/Linux before

Sat Jul 29 2023

A few years ago I switch to mainly using Macs from previously only using GNU/Linux setups. What do I enjoy? And what do I dislike in Mac OS X? How do I handle the times I miss Linux? Keep reading if you are curious!

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Emacs package highlight - vterm

Tue Jun 06 2023

vterm, or emacs-libvterm, is a way of running a terminal inside of Emacs. It may not sound interesting at first, but it has some nice features that set it apart from the alternatives. One of these includes supporting interactive programs. It also feels more a part of Emacs than an external program, unlike alternatives like term. Read on to see more on why I prefer vterm to the alternatives and how you can se it up yourself!

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