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Want to get a job as a backend developer? - Learn these topics now!

Fri Aug 18 2023

Sometimes I get questions on how to learn the skills necessary to get a backend programmer job. That is exactly my aim for this article: to give you a set of terms, keywords and knowledge to get started on your journey. My hope is that you know what you need to learn after reading on.

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3 things I enjoy and 3 things I dislike about Mac OS X - As someone who primarily used GNU/Linux before

Sat Jul 29 2023

A few years ago I switch to mainly using Macs from previously only using GNU/Linux setups. What do I enjoy? And what do I dislike in Mac OS X? How do I handle the times I miss Linux? Keep reading if you are curious!

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Emacs package highlight - vterm

Tue Jun 06 2023

vterm, or emacs-libvterm, is a way of running a terminal inside of Emacs. It may not sound interesting at first, but it has some nice features that set it apart from the alternatives. One of these includes supporting interactive programs. It also feels more a part of Emacs than an external program, unlike alternatives like term. Read on to see more on why I prefer vterm to the alternatives and how you can se it up yourself!

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Often overlooked String operations in the Kotlin Standard Library

Mon Mar 06 2023

The Kotlin standard library provide many useful helper extension functions for string operations. You probably know the basic ones to make a string lower and upper case, but did you know that there are many more? Some of them do operations that you would otherwise implement yourself, and some are more focused on making the code more clear by exposing the intent of the operations as a name. Some of these may be common to you, but I hope that you at least find one that you are not familiar with!

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Often overlooked Collections operations in the Kotlin Standard Library

Sat Mar 04 2023

If you work with Kotlin, you probably use Collection types like list a lot. Most people already know of simple list operations like getting elements, checking if an element is present, mapping etc. Did you know that the standard library provides a whole plethora of useful operations? In this article we will look at operations that are often overlooked when we talk about list processing. For the people who are more new to Kotlin, we will start with a small recap. So don't worry if you are relatively new to Kotlin, hopefully you will learn some new nifty tricks here as well!

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