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Command line tricks: Globbing basics

Sat Feb 24 2024

When working with files in the command line, you don't always want to write full file names. Maybe you are working on a group of files that has file names with a given patterns, like log files (e.g, log011023.txt)? Or maybe you want to filter out files that don't fit a given pattern? Or maybe your use case is just picking out shell scripts that starts with the letter P? In this article we will look at globbing, which can be thought of as wildcards we use in place of explicitly writing full filenames. Read on to see several examples on how they can be used to solve various command line tasks!

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Small command line tricks you should know

Tue Oct 18 2022

This time we will look at some small command line tricks that will improve your productivity. By command line, I am off course referring to bash or similar Unix-style command lines. If you know the complete basics, and want to expand your knowledge a bit, I hope this short article will help you!

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sed - more than replacements

Sat Oct 15 2022

sed is a very popular command line program for doing various forms of edits to text input. Most people probably use it for simple replacements, and that is also what the most popular use case is. Did you know that you can use it for way more? Including as a simple grep replacement? Or get a cut portion of a file (e.g, between two timestamps in sorted log files)? In this article we will take a quick look at sed and what you can use it for.

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Creating container images with Ansible (using ansible-bender)

Thu Mar 17 2022

Did you know that you can use Ansible to make container images? It's actually a very readable way to create images compared to some Dockerfiles you find online (if you don't think so, you have probably never read one that is 100+ lines). In this article we will look at building images using ansible-bender, which makes for a good way to make images with Ansible with minimal fuzz.

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Introduction to Ansible

Thu Mar 10 2022

More automation! Ansible is a great tool to automate the configuration and handling of your computers. I have to admit I put off looking into Ansible for the longest time, simply because I underestimated how powerful it is! At the surface it seems like just another configuration management tool, but it is not just a way of running shell scripts like some may get you to believe. It comes with great tooling, and have great features that help you get going fast. In this article I will focus on the complete basics to get you started, and there will be features I won't cover here. Hopefully you will be aqainted with a few terms, and get some links that will help you explore these features further. Are you ready to learn the best automation tool for setting up computers?

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Why and how to use Github Actions

Tue Mar 01 2022

Automating repetitive tasks is great! My favorite tool these days for automating operations relating to code and development, is Github Actions. I even use it for this site! I have used Github Actions both for work and spare time for some time. Sadly the work stuff is proprietary (yes, organisations can be private on Github), so I have less examples to show here. Wonder why you should consider automating more? Or consider using Github Actions for your next project? Then continue reading!

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