Who am I?

My name is Marie, and I'm obsessed with computers and have been ever since I was very young. It's not necessarily just software development that interests me, but computers in general. How they work, what we can do with them, the possibilities they bring and so on. Mathematics also fascinate me, as I think the applications of it makes for many interesting programming problems. To me, it feel even more fun if it is done on a retro platform like the Commodore Amiga or Nintendo GameBoy Advance. While my main topics of interest are computers and math, I like to dabble in other topics like finance and philosophy as well.

When I don't do the above, I really love reading fiction, and watching TV shows and movies. Playing video games is also something I enjoy. While I don't play that much video games anymore (I used to play way more), I still have a lot of respect for video games, including the engineering and creativity involved.

What is my point with this blog?

The meaning behind making this blog was to have a space where I could share my writings on various topics (math, computers, other topics, my own thoughts on things etc.). Getting better at writing was also a goal. I think that having to present something forces you to know the topic better than if you didn't (whether it is physical presentation, writing, videos etc.).

Want to support me?

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