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The joy and wonders of browsing the web from the command line - A short introduction to Lynx

Sat Jan 20 2024

There is probably no secret that I enjoy using the command line. Modern Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) feel bloated to me, and I often have the feeling that there are too much bloat on the screen at once. Fortunately, I can do most of my tasks in Emacs or the command line. Yes, even web browsing! Though I have to admit that I end up using graphical browsers to be able to watch YouTube and do some daily things like internet banking. I have briefly mentioned Lynx and terminal web browsing in previous articles, but I have never really showed it in detail. Today is the day we are finally going to look at web browsing from the command line!

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Browser extension recommendation - Vimium

Tue Oct 20 2020

Don't know about you, but using the mouse all the time to browse the web has always really bothered me. The mouse has its uses, but I think it is overused on computers in this day and age. Web browsing turns very slow and annoying when using it for everything. Having my fingers leave the keyboard while doing research online annoys me. I feel like I can do things more effectively and faster with the keyboard than I can ever do with a mouse.

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