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Announcement: YouTube channel!

Mon Oct 17 2022

About a week ago, I uploaded the first video to my new YouTube channel. Yesterday, the second video followed! So far they have both been about Emacs, but other videos will be about other things as well. My main goal with the channel is "to share the love for computing; Past, present and future!" :)

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Retro programming (mostly games) Youtubers you shoud check out!

Fri Oct 15 2021

Todays post will be a bit shorter and different. We all need some inspiration sometimes, and I think there are few things more inspiring than the tricks used in older video games as well as the hardware that made them possible. From the clever BSP (Binary Space Partitioning) tree rendering algorithm in Doom, to the clever \(\frac{1}{\sqrt(x)}\) algorithm in Quake 3, there are tons of interesting tricks used in games out there! (know I only mentioned id Software now, but what can I say, I LOVE them! Also I wouldn't want to spoil what is coming from TT below). Sometimes I just enjoy watching some videos about these clever tricks, and also how the hardware worked on these systems. In this post I will share with you two of my favorite Youtubers, and also some notable interesting videos from them. Maybe you will be inspired too, and maybe you will also learn something!

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