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Reasons I hate (modern) Microsoft Windows - The most awful choice of operating system anyone can make

Sat Jan 27 2024

In case I haven't been clear in earlier articles: I'm not a fan of Microsoft Windows. While I have enjoyed Windows 95, and a bit of Windows XP, I don't enjoy any modern forms of Microsoft Windows (and the older versions are probably only enjoyed because of nostalgia). To me, the sane choice have always been some sort of Unix-style operating system like GNU/Linux and Mac OS X. Some people just think it is because I'm a nerd that sits inside all day and have dubious hygiene habits, but there are valid reasons. So what are the reasons I hate modern Windows so much? Keep on reading to find out.

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The academically hostile professor - How NOT to teach and promote learning

Tue Jan 02 2024

This time I'm going to do something different than usual; we are going to look into a story from my past that I recently remembered. Teaching and promoting the joy of learning is something I care about immensely. If we could just show more joy, and point newcomers to good resources, I think we would have more great material out there (i.e, books, indie games blogs, and other works building upon said knowledge). The story I will share today is a story about how to NOT promote joy with relation to math and physics, but can be extended to all sorts of fields. I have made sure to NEVER do it myself. Hopefully after reading this article, you will stop behaving like this if you do…

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3 things I enjoy and 3 things I dislike about Mac OS X - As someone who primarily used GNU/Linux before

Sat Jul 29 2023

A few years ago I switch to mainly using Macs from previously only using GNU/Linux setups. What do I enjoy? And what do I dislike in Mac OS X? How do I handle the times I miss Linux? Keep reading if you are curious!

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The most important computer related innovations in the last 20ish years (post-internet) - in my view

Sat Feb 25 2023

Today I want to share with you my favorite computer related innovations in our post-internet world. With all the bad things happening in the world, it is good to look back at the good that has happened. I like to look at innovations related to computer to cheer myself up. This will off course be very heavily opinionated, so your list might be very different.

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Things I wish I did earlier in life

Sun Sep 04 2022

Todays post is going to be a bit more personal than usual, as I'm going to share what I feel like are some of my biggest regrets not starting with earlier. Some of my points may resonate with you, and some won't. These three things are based upon my life. Hopefully some of you will enjoy reading this.

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