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Essential books on the Rust programming language

Wed Feb 22 2023

Rust is gaining popularity fast, and is a language loved by many (including myself). It has recently been used for device drivers in the Linux kernel. While many early adopters did more low level code, it is gaining popularity in higher level problems as well (e.g, writing REST APIs and CRUDL database applications). You might want to learn Rust, and wonder about some resources to use. That is exactly what we will look into in this article! While books are the main topics, links to other useful resources are also provided.

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What I love about Rust

Mon Oct 31 2022

I have really fallen in love with Rust this year! It has many positive features, like compiling to almost any platform, nice syntax and more. In this article I will show you some of these features, tell you about them, and maybe inspire you to look into learning Rust yourself! If you disagree about something being awesome, then that is okay too, as the article is based upon my personal opinion.

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The awesomeness of pattern matching in Rust

Thu Oct 06 2022

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I have really started enjoying Rust in the last year. Rust have many great features, and pattern matching is one of them. If you have used other languages like Haskell or Standard ML, you will notice some similarities. Same with the complete basic pattern matching with when in Kotlin (with some minor work). The pattern matching in Rust makes for expressive, readable and clear code. I admit that the Rust way of doing it is my personal favorite. In this article we will take a look at this topic, and maybe you will see why I think it's so great!

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Summer learning tips! - Programming, DevOps and retro

Wed Jun 29 2022

Summer means that time off work are coming closer and closer for some of us! In my off time I enjoy using extra time on learning and reading. Today, I will share with you some tips for topics that I enjoy, that you could look into if you want to look at something new.

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