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Even more cool CLI tools for you to try!

Sat Dec 11 2021

There are many cool tools for the command line out there! I always look out for new ones that can make me more productive, or maybe ones that just spice up my command line a bit. In this post I will share some tools like this with you, and also share some I'm not really super familiar with, but trying out. If you also love trying new command line tools, then this post is probably for you!

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Coding themed Advent calendars

Wed Dec 01 2021

Counting down the days to Christmas is a fun tradition, done with everything from chocolate advent calendars, TV shows to now coding themed Advent calendars! Holidays can mean much more than reading coding books, or getting/giving computer/technology inspired presents now!

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Fun (and useless) things you can do in Emacs!

Tue Nov 30 2021

December is soon here, and with it some of us will have holidays. Why not use some time to try weird and fun things in Emacs? Today I will share with you exactly that! There are games, weird modes, screensavers and more! A few games are actually built into Emacs, if you didn't know. And if you want more games inside Emacs, there are some more out there! Continue reading to learn more, and see other useless things you can do with Emacs!

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Biographies about people in tech you should read to get inspired!

Sat Nov 27 2021

Sometimes I enjoy reading a biography about a person I find interesting. There is a lot of inspiration to be had from getting insight into the life of high achievers and visionaries. To me there is also the factor of hearing about the early days of computing with the big mainframes, PDP-10 machines, teletypes, visions of what computers would do in the future, and so on. Seeing where we come from can lead us to new ideas about the future. It is also fun trying to see some patterns in the lives of the people the biographies are about. Some commonalities are always learning new things, do new things to get new impulses, passion for what you do, and going outside the norm. NONE of the people in this article worked a standard 9-5 job for the entirety if their lives (some of them never did), and lived in very different way than the regular person does. Controlling your own destiny and starting your own businesses is probably something many of us dream of doing.

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Emacs package highlight - Try

Sat Nov 20 2021

Today I'm going to do something slightly different, focus on one Emacs package at a time! I want to highlight one of my most used packages; Try. At first glance, Try might seem like a weird package to feature. It let's you try an Emacs package. So what? Doesn't just using M-x package-install or use-package in a scratch buffer let me do the same? Not exactly. Those will also download the files to your .emacs/elpa (or similar directory). Then they are persistent between runs, and you have by definition installed them, not tried them. What Try does different is download to a temporary directory, which is deleted once you exit your current Emacs session. That means it won't slow down your Emacs startup, or take up your "valuable" disk space.

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My favorite personal finance books - Start your journey to become wealthy today as well!

Wed Nov 17 2021

Today I will share my favorite personal finance books with you! This blog is mostly about programming and technology, so why do I write a personal finance post? Many people have this opinion that they have learned a craft, so why should they learn about finance? That is the mindset of being stuck in the rat race (9-5 job, consumer debt, continuously working harder and harder for a salary, never affording all the things you want). We all have extra things or experiences we want in life, whether it be big weddings, vacations, mainframe computers (yes, I want one in the future), expensive software licenses or something else. If we just work and save our money in a bank account, that money looses value over time due to inflation. What if I told you that you could use your money to buy assets that generate more money? Then you aren't stuck with working harder and harder for less and less money (after a while your salary growth will stagnate), but working less and less for MORE AND MORE money. Even people like Bill Gates, Larry Page and more are investing to keep building their wealth (but you do NOT need their amount of money to get started). Intrigued? Then continue reading, and do your own research.

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Small tips for a better Emacs experience

Mon Nov 15 2021

There are many small tricks that can make your Emacs experience better, and in this article I will show you some of my favorites. To make it short and easy for beginners to experiment with, I will keep them simple. Don't let that fool you, these can really improve you experience (even if you have been using Emacs for a while!). Maybe you will find something that you really enjoy here?

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Scripting on the JVM?!? JBang and Kscript!

Wed Nov 10 2021

Did you know that you can use Java and Kotlin for scripting? In this post I will introduce you to my favorite ways of doing scripting on the Java Virtual Machine (JVM), which is JBang and KScript. Some people may not enjoy Java projects as much because of all the verbosity (big project structures), so small scripts may make the languages more approachable and less intimidating. Being able to easily handle all external dependencies in the same file (no extra configuration files!) is also a big bonus. Lately I've heard from several people that they did not know about JBang, so I guess that might be true for KScript as well. Hope this post will provide you with some information on them, as well as good links to get started!

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Programming Kotlin in Emacs (including KScript!)

Wed Nov 03 2021

Some people, including myself, grudgingly used IntellIJ IDEA for Kotlin programming for a long time, maybe because we didn't think the Emacs tooling was up to speed. Well, it is, and we can finally use the best editor of all time (Emacs) to do Kotlin programming! Today I'm going to show you basic setup (and share some links), so you can also use Emacs for Kotlin programming! I made the switch this summer (reasons for waiting so long below), will you make the switch too?

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The only book on classic JavaScript you'll ever neeed!

Tue Oct 26 2021

Today JavaScript (JS) has evolved a lot and has many modern features we associate with other programming languages (according to the ECMAScript standards), like classes. In the beginning these features were transpiled (like compilation, but translated from one language to another) to classic JavaScript (due to browsers and other engines not having implemented the features). If you were like me, you wondered how this was done at the time (and you may even have had some ideas). Or you may be in the other camp, and think that it's not always necessary to use big transpilers and heavy features to solve simple problems. While JavaScript has evolved, I think there is a lot of fun and advantages to knowing more about the core language that started it all! JavaScript: The Good Parts by Douglas Crockford is the best book to learn about all that!

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