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Best resources to learn Kotlin (in my view)

Tue Oct 11 2022

Do you want to learn Kotlin? Wonder what resources you should use to learn it? In this article I collect a few different resources depending on your interests and skill level. You might pick a few, mix and match or do whatever you want that makes you learn the concepts. Only you know the way you learn things the best. Without further ado, let us dive into the resources!

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The awesomeness of pattern matching in Rust

Thu Oct 06 2022

If you have followed me for a while, you know that I have really started enjoying Rust in the last year. Rust have many great features, and pattern matching is one of them. If you have used other languages like Haskell or Standard ML, you will notice some similarities. Same with the complete basic pattern matching with when in Kotlin (with some minor work). The pattern matching in Rust makes for expressive, readable and clear code. I admit that the Rust way of doing it is my personal favorite. In this article we will take a look at this topic, and maybe you will see why I think it's so great!

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Mixed content HTML files in Emacs web-mode with context-aware completion and documentation

Tue Oct 04 2022

Today I'm going to show you my approach to make editing mixed html-files better in Emacs. web-mode is really good for editing mixed html files containing html, css and javascript, but doesn't provide any completion or other helpers like eldoc. In this article I will quickly show you my approach to make it more pleasant to work with.

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Packages that make Emacs Lisp more pleasant

Mon Oct 03 2022

Emacs Lisp can sometimes seem a little archaic compared to more modern languages. In higher level language we are spoiled with a multitude of easy string handling, list handling, pattern matching and so on. What if I told you that some packages can give you the same ease of use for Emacs Lisp? That they provide more clear APIs, give features you are used to from other languages, and/or abstract away the more tedious details.

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Programming Kotlin in Emacs - Redux 2022

Sat Sep 24 2022

Last year I wrote a blog post about the basics of using Kotlin in Emacs. Since then, some new developments have happened, including some new features have been added to the Kotlin langauge server. I also got some questions regarding which Eamcs packages I like using when developing Kotlin code. Let's answer some of the questions not answered last time, and see what Kotlin Language Server and Kotlin Debug Adapter can do!

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