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Often forgotten features in Kotlin

Sun Jan 16 2022

This time we will look at features in Kotlin that are often overlooked in walkthroughs or other places, but are still cool and can be useful! Some are features some of us might know of, but often forget exist. Others are features we forget exist until we see them mentioned, probably because we don't use them as often (or very rarely). Hopefully you will see at least one feature you have forgotten existed!

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5 reasons I LOVE Emacs

Mon Dec 20 2021

Maybe you have seen Emacs articles around the internet, and wondered "why do people love this editor so much?". I can't answer for everyone, but in this post I will give you some of my reasons. Emacs is almost a way of life for me, and I have it open and use it every day. To make this article short and sweet, I will limit it to 5 reasons. Maybe you will end up starting your Emacs journey?

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What's the big deal with Reactive?

Thu Dec 16 2021

Reactive is a buzzword thrown around a lot, but what is it really? At first glance, reactive doesn't seem to be anything special. Asynchronous stream processing seems nice, but is that all? Fortunately, the answer is no! Reactive also includes nonblocking IO, which makes resource utilization better. If you have never heard any of these terms before, it may just seem like a word-soup. Don't worry! We will explain the terms below, so you can understand the big whoop with reactive. Getting an overview of the concepts will be the main goal here, but I will provide links for further reading. Some oversimplification may happen, but I hope that it will help you understand concepts without being boggled in buzzwords and lots of pre-requisite knowledge.

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Even more cool CLI tools for you to try!

Sat Dec 11 2021

There are many cool tools for the command line out there! I always look out for new ones that can make me more productive, or maybe ones that just spice up my command line a bit. In this post I will share some tools like this with you, and also share some I'm not really super familiar with, but trying out. If you also love trying new command line tools, then this post is probably for you!

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Coding themed Advent calendars

Wed Dec 01 2021

Counting down the days to Christmas is a fun tradition, done with everything from chocolate advent calendars, TV shows to now coding themed Advent calendars! Holidays can mean much more than reading coding books, or getting/giving computer/technology inspired presents now!

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